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    Tips for Bathing Your Persian Cats and Kittens
    Face it - our feline friends hate getting wet. Have a safe, painless and anxiety-free feline bathing experience with these easy to follow steps. [more »]
    Care & Ownership Articles
    Traveling by Plane with Your Cat
    If you are traveling by airplane and have the want or necessity to make the journey with your pet, there are a few rules and regulations that you... [more »]
    Breeding Articles
    Breeding Purebred Cats
    While the rewards are generous and rewarding, cat breeding is not for all. People have this mistaken perception that cat breeding is as easy as... [more »]
    Showing Articles
    Persian Standard
    While coat contributes greatly to the overall final effect, it is the body and head structure that set this breed apart. [more »]

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