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Author Topic: New Member in PA  (Read 1820 times)

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« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2009, 03:08:04 AM »

Welcome, Susan! You have definitely found the place to be when it comes to persians and zotis!!! We are so glad to have you here!  Cheesy  Cheesy

Rory.... Ruler of the High Seas....


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« Reply #16 on: March 24, 2009, 03:16:34 AM »

Welcome, Susan! You've come to the right place Smiley  What does your screen name mean? I don't know any French  :oops:

She clawed her way into my heart and wouldn't let go.  ~M. Altijd

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« Reply #17 on: March 24, 2009, 08:25:09 AM »

hi you have the same dream as me unfortunatly i have been medically dishcharged from my job so i will have to wait

i had a bichon frise up untll last year and sadly she passed away due to my disability i cannot walk for long periods and i had a persian cat years ago and i would like another  if i can find a breeder in belfast

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« Reply #18 on: March 24, 2009, 05:53:42 PM »

Lol Alessandra, loosely translated Susan's
user name is "I kiss my cat on the lips"!

"Ask not what your cat can do for you; ask what you can do for your cat" - Vanna

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« Reply #19 on: March 24, 2009, 06:05:46 PM »

Welcome Susan!!!!!

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« Reply #20 on: March 25, 2009, 07:37:03 AM »

Quote from: "Knitwreck"
Lol Alessandra, loosely translated Susan's
user name is "I kiss my cat on the lips"!

You got it!  the "I" (Jai?) wouldn't fit, lol.  Don't feel bad Alessandra, that is about the extent of my French.  Hey, at least I know how to tell the world that I kiss my cat!  Smiley

Lisa...Do hang in there.  Dreams come true.  Toward the end of 2007, I made a huge decision to take a year off from work.  I ended up in a field totally unrelated to what I had done.  Guess what?  I couldn't be happier!  I'm confident things will turn around for you too.  Just have faith.  As for finding your dream kitty, that will happen when it's supposed to.  I think we believe as superior humans, we are in charge of deciding what kit we get and when.  I don't think it's true.  I think we are chosen...and the kit just lets us THINK the decision was all ours.  Chin up girlfriend!

Susan M
Sasha Elizabeth

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« Reply #21 on: March 25, 2009, 11:09:22 AM »

Welcome, Susan!!   I'm sure you are going to find the perfect cat and we are certainly glad to go on that search with you!   Cheesy

Tomi and the girls

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.                                                                              
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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« Reply #22 on: March 25, 2009, 11:45:28 AM »

Cheesy Welcome to the site, Susan. I hope you find that perfect little furbaby. I know there's so many different color varieties to choose from, but they're all sweeties no matter what color. Good luck in your choice.

phpBB Virtual Persian Guide

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« Reply #23 on: March 25, 2009, 12:12:40 PM »

Hi Susan and welcome to this wonderful site!!  Cheesy

Lucy and Coco
"There is no wealth like knowledge,
no poverty like ignorance."

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