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Saturday, March 16


Welcome to! went online in 1998 and since then, has built a community of thousands from all over the world, who interact with one another in a family-friendly forum. We are proud to offer our guests many resources, such as the Gallery and resources on Showing, Breeding, and Persian ownership. Registered users may enjoy access to our Forum, Chat Room, Private Messaging, and more!

Brought to you by High Minded Media LLC, strives to be the best online destination for fans of the world's most popular breed of cat.

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1998 - was born!

1999 - Forum and Chat Room introduced.


2000 - User Profiles implemented and Make My Cat's Page offered.

2001 - Personal Start Page and Member Clubhouse launched.


2003 - Rescue Center and Show Brag Bag rolled out.


2004 - Member Search added and Health Database enhanced.

2005 - Videos published and Articles expanded.

2006 - Membership swelled to over 30,000 registered users.


2007 - New site security implemented, Forum refreshed, and Virtual Persian World founded!

2011 - adds a Facebook presence.