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Friday, May 4
Find a Persian Cat

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Persian Cat Rescue - Adopt A New Family Member
By James Lunden

A Persian cat is a beautiful addition to any family. Their long hair makes them quite distinctive and beautiful. Their long hair also makes them need more maintenance than many other cat breeds.

The level of maintenance required for Persian cats can lead to some owners to neglecting or even abandoning these beautiful animals. As any animal lover would tell you it is always sad to find a neglected or abandoned animal. They need our help in giving them a loving home.

The current economic crisis has resulted in many more pets becoming neglected or abandoned. This includes cats, dogs and exotic pets. It is more important than ever before to consider adopting a pet in need of a new home. Persian cats make a wonderful addition to any household. If you are not familiar with the breed you can do some online research to learn more.

You can find a Persian cat rescue in your general area if you look online. Typically the rescue organization will start to care for the cat immediately which may include shaving a heavily matted coat.

Any cat lover interested in having a Persian cat should first start by contacting a local Persian cat rescue before they consider buying one. Giving a loving home to a rescued cat is important.

There are a number of different types of Persian cats. You can ask about a specific type of Persian cat or ask about any available at the Persian cat rescue when you call them. You will be providing a loving home to a cat very much in need of one. You will find them to be a wonderful addition to your home.

If you are looking for a Persian cat you should start with a call to a local rescue organization.

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