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Thursday, May 3
Health & Wellness

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Teeth/Jaw Problems

Unfortunately, Persians can have jaw and teeth problems. (This can happen with other breeds as well.) Some would say that such problems are mainly a result of Persian breeders striving to shorten the nose and retain the strong, deep jaw.

Crooked teeth might play havoc with a Persian's mouth. (Please note that sometimes crooked baby teeth may later be replaced by straight adult teeth.) Another potential problem is a protruding lower jaw. In other words, the bottom teeth are set further out than the top teeth. Yet another issue could be a twisting of the bottom jaw (the bottom jaw is not even against the top jaw). Such twisting can cause teeth to either protrude past the lips or poke into the gums or roof of the mouth.

Some breeders have been known to clip the Persian's teeth in hopes of fixing these problems. However, clipping is somewhat controversial. One must consider the possibility of bacteria getting into the bloodstream and causing endocarditis. If your Persian suffers from teeth and/or jaw problems, please talk to your veterinarian about safe, effective solutions.