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Friday, September 26

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By Joseph M Sabol

If you think that only human beings can be afflicted with urinary tract infection or UTI, then you just might be surprised to learn that cats do suffer from such an infection as well. In fact, studies show that more cats suffer from UTI than dogs. Thus, it would pay to learn more on the subject if you have a feline under your roof. This way, you can find effective feline UTI remedies early on.

For the most part, veterinary medicine does not really produce results that are encouraging. Sadly, this is in spite of the fact that the condition would be met with pet antibiotics that are quite costly. Nevertheless, without these antibiotics and immediate treatment, the condition could worsen and could very well become chronic in nature. This could jeopardize the condition of your pet further, easily adding veterinary expenses on that already hefty bill. There is then a need to be informed about the prescribed veterinary treatment methods that are currently being practiced.

Conventional UTI remedies for cats would most likely involve antibiotics, as mentioned above. However, these would not be limited to just antibiotics. For instance, if your cat is diagnosed with chronic UTI, your vet just might recommend surgery or catheterization. Your vet would also recommend nutritional support so that the functioning of your cat's urinary tract system would be regulated accordingly. Your vet would also prescribe the proper diet that you should prepare for your cat. Commercial cat food is actually perceived as ideal here, provided that this contains the essential nutrients. Aside from cat food, hygienic practices should be observed to prevent further infection. Make sure to provide clean and fresh water as well as clean litter boxes so that healthy urination is encouraged.

Still, just because these are the conventional practices does not mean that they are effective all the time. Plus, there is also that risk of side effects occurring when you use conventional remedies. Because of such side effects, you just might want to try alternative feline UTI remedies, perhaps herbal remedies. Amongst the popular herbs used are Bearberry and Barberry. These herbs are actually natural antibiotics so they can help deal with bladder infections in cats.

Of course, you should not take it upon yourself to choose whatever herbs you want to try. You just might end up worsening the situation. Thus, you should still consult your vet for the different herbs that he or she would recommend for your pet's condition.

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