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Saturday, February 28
Care & Ownership

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  1. Groom your Persian's coat daily or at least every other day. Breeders recommend using a natural bristle brush (soft) and/or a comb. Avoid nylon combs because they generate static electricity. If you discover a knot, simply tease it apart with your fingers then brush/comb it. If you need to cut it out, first slide a comb underneath the knot to separate the knot from the skin. Using round-tipped scissors, cut the hair sitting on top of the comb.
  2. Wipe tearing eyes with a damp washcloth (no soap) once in the morning and once in the evening. For problems with staining around the eyes, consult your vet before using any cleansers or solutions.
  3. Be sure to check the skin regularly for cuts, abrasions, or parasites.
  4. Bathe your Persian regularly- once or twice a month. Fill a basin/tub with lukewarm water. Using cat shampoo, work up a lather all over the fur. Be careful around the eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Be sure to run a comb through the coat to prevent matting. Let the cat dry in a warm environment- some people even blow dry their cats.
  5. For tips on grooming a show cat, check out the August 2000 newsletter.
  6. For instructions on giving your cat a "sanitary clip," click here.

Lion Cuts
Sometimes the knots can be too horrendous. Or maybe it's just time to let your Persian grow out a fresh coat. Many owners have their Persians shaved by a professional groomer every now and then. The "lion cut" is most popular. Below you can see some "lion cut" samples.

Lion Cuts!

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