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Saturday, May 9



If there is a Persian breeder/cattery that you would like to see on this page, please fill out this form. We want a directory of breeders/catteries from all over the world!

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United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

Camus Cattery- Kiev
Charm-cfc- Sevastopol
Colorama Cattery- Cherkassy
Paselena Cattery- Molodogvardeysk
Purring Army Himalayans- Odessa
Rainbow Cattery- Kiev
Shaparack Cattery- Odessa
Sokolova Cattery- Odessa
Yanina Cattery- Cherkassy

PawUnited Arab Emirates
Snowbell Persians- Dubai

PawUnited Kingdom
Aberchalder Persians- Somerset, England
Abraphanpy Persians- Coventry, England
Acresway Exotics- Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England
Algernon Persians- Lancashire, England
Alindas Persians- Cheshire, England
Amlyjoe Persians- Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Apatchicat Exotics- Burnley, Lancashire, England
- Warrington, Cheshire, England
Ashaneeka Himalayans & Persians- Surrey, England
Avomlie Persians- Frome, Somerset, England
Barrkudos Persians- Ipswich, England
Bigwig Persians & Exotics- Shropshire, England
Birdwatch Cats- Paignton, England
Bracie Persians & Exotics- West Midlands, England
Brontti Persians- London, England
Camtoe Persians- Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Cassinia Persian & Exotics- London, England
Caszan Persians- Walton on Thames, England
Catarosa Persians- Hereford, England
Chakel Persians- Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
- Newcastle, England
Citoxe Exotics- Exeter, Devon, England
Clandelia Persians and Chinchillas- Nottinghamshire, England
Cloverhill Persians- Manchester, England
Colaura Colourpoint Persians- South Yorkshire, England
Countrygirl Persians- Ludlow, Shropshire, England
Cushka & Confeticat Persians- Hastings, England
Danmoso Persians- Fareham, Hampshire, England
Dannyboy Persians- Staffordshire, England
Deebees Persians- Truro, England
Demelza Persians- Near Newquay, Cornwall, England
DensPurr Persians- Portsmouth, England
Dilaraz Persians- Kent, England
Doubloon Cats- Durham, England
- Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, England
Easternmystic Cats- Derbyshire, England
Echo Persians & Exotics- Aylesbury, Bucks, England
Ellaquin Persians- Pontypridd, Wales
Finchfield Exotics- Rugby, England
Flashpoint Persians- Lancashire, England
Fleurielle Persians- Wolverhampton, England
Furr Families- Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England
- Greater Manchester, England
Gemkin Persians- North Wales
Hamadan Persians- Swindon, England
Heathrose Persians & Exotic Shorthairs- Middlesrough, England
Heavensangel- Newcastle, England
Hoitytoity Persians- South Yorkshire, England
Icemoor Cats- Location not specified
Ingucheeni Exotic Shorthairs- Derbyshire, England
- West Sussex, England
Jantaras Exotics- Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England
Jayjon Persians- Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Jemineve Persians- Guildford, England
Jenzjewels Colourpoints & Persians- Lanarkshire, Scotland
- Northampton, England
- Wareham, Dorset, England
KatyKaye Persians- Oxford, England
Kayamy Persians- County Durham, England
Khanate Persians & Exotics- Nottinghamshire, England
Kittiq Persians- Perth, Scotland
Kristalmorn- Manchester, England
Ladygem Persians- Kent, England
Ladypark Persians- Bingley, West Yorkshire, England
Lafrebella Persians- London, England
Lalapalooza Persians- Norfolk, England
Lauradam Persians- Northeast region, England
- Horsham, Sussex, England
Louchelle Persians & Exotics- Portsmouth, England
Manick Persians- Exmouth, Devon, England
Mavourneen Persians- Bristol, England
- Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Midlander Persians- Nottinghamshire, England
- Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyneside, England
Morninglory Persians- Cardiff, Wales
Mysticearth Persians- London, England
Naboo Exotics- London, England
- Northumberland, England
Nyklani Persians- Flintshire, Wales
Occlestone Chinchillas- Cheshire, England
Oscarbara- Bristol, England
Padicatz Persians & Exotics- Sheffield, England
- Norwich, England
Palmtree Persians- Paignton, Devon, England
Pannonius Persians- Lincolnshire, England
Parmel Persians- Kent, England
Peradon Persians- Exeter, England
PicassoCats- Derby, England
Picturebook Persians- Diss Norfolk, Suffolk, England
Popup Persians & Exotics- Swansea, Wales
PreciousGem- Kent, England
Puccinis Persians- East Sussex, England
Purrdreamz Persians- Colchester, Essex, England
Purrinian Persians- Bristol, England
Purrsrus Persians- Peterlee, Durham, England
Riascatz Persians- London, England
Rignolla & Persilus Persians- England
Risingmoon Persians- Wales
- Sussex, England
Rosegarth Persians- Surrey, England
Rosjoy Persians- Cheshire, England
RubyGrace Persian Cattery- Essex, England
Sabrina's Purrfections- Redditch, England
Sachabreen Persians- Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
Sandiman Exotics- Kent, England
Sasharmey Persians- Lincoln, England
Semni Persians- Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England
Shakirah Persians & Exotics- Chorley, Lancashire, England
ShireCat Persians- East Yorkshire, England
Shokou Cats- Somerset, England
Shonedek- Chard, England
Siamaiden Cats- Blackburn, Lancashire, England
- Cambridgeshire, England
Slatetown Persians- Bethesda, Wales
Slinkypaws Persians & Exotics- Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England
Sodachicats- Normanton, Yorks, England
Sophanise Persians- Lyneham, England
Spookipawz Persians & Exotics- Chester, England
Talshiar Persians- Kent, England
Tasslehoff Persians- Andover, England
Tiarazkiss Persians- Scotland
Tilsie Persians- Moelfre, Wales
Tracylooe Persians & Exotics- Looe, Cornwall, England
Tradory Persians- Southampton, England
Tremarie Persian, Chinchilla & Selkirk Rex- Looe, Cornwall, England
Tufftybee Persians- Devon, England
- Gloucester, England
Vallino Persians & Exotics- Lincoln, England
Varanese Persians- Rhyl, Wales
Villiers Chinchillas & Golden Persians- Holbeach St. Johns, Lincolnshire, England
- Orpington, Kent, England
West Country Persians- Somerset, England
Westholme Persian & Exotic- Barnsley, England
Whitesatin Persians- Worthing, West Sussex, England
- Boston, Lincolnshire, England
Witchwillow- West Sussex, England
- Cheshire, England

Cattery Salvador- Canelones
Jazcid Persians- Montevideo