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Friday, May 4

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Bluie   Misha
WINNER: Azurine Ambrosia (Bluie)   1ST RUNNER-UP: Misha
Costume: Lady in Red   Costume: Santa's Little Helper
Aloha   Dylan
Cat: Aloha   Cat: Dylan
Costume: Rub-a-Dub Kitty   Costume: Robin Hood
Periwinkle Blue   Punky
Cat: Periwinkle Blue   Cat: Punky
Costume: Pumpkin   Costume: Pumpkin
Sam   Rdreams Spencer of Posiepurrs
Cat: Sam   Cat: Rdreams Spencer of Posiepurrs
Costume: Laura Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie)   Costume: The Reluctant Model By Cindy Pitts
Dolly   Cherry
Cat: Dolly   Cat: Cherry
Costume: Cinderella Waiting for Fairy Godmother   Costume: Cute Witch

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