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Tuesday, November 13


Why do I need a "sponsor" to be able to post?

Over the past few years, we've run into many problems with people registering multiple fake accounts and posting malicious messages on the boards. A few bad apples eventually made things very unpleasant for everyone, and so we had no choice but to change the way the boards worked, in order to ensure a positive experience for members.

The best way to find a sponsor is to visit the site often, and meet people in chat, or via private messaging. You also can post a message on the Introductions Board in the Clubhouse so that other members will know you're seeking sponsorship. Please do not "blast" forum members with private messages, asking to be sponsored. Any users found to be harassing other users will be deleted. Please do not contact the site owner with sponsorship requests.

Once I'm sponsored, when can I post in the forum?


Once I'm sponsored, when can I sponsor another user?

One month after the day you were sponsored.

Once I'm sponsored, how do I sponsor another user?

Go to this page and enter the username of the person you want to sponsor. The user will be granted immediate posting privileges. Please give some thought to the decision to sponsor someone. Sponsorships are public knowledge so that you have a degree of accountablility.

What if I have an urgent question that needs an answer, but I'm not yet sponsored?

Use the "urgent issues" board! It is available to all registered users. However, this board is strictly monitored for content, and any posts that aren't urgent issues will be deleted.

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