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Wednesday, September 17

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Persian hair care definitely can be troublesome. An owner should brush his/her Persian ideally once a day with a metal comb and bath them occasionally. A neglected coat results in knots. If the knots are in the beginning stages, you should be able to work them out with a metal comb and some detangling solution. You can purchase such solutions at pet stores and sometimes veterinary offices or groomers. Ask the salesperson which product he/she recommends.

If your cat's knots are really severe, they will probably need to be cut/shaved off. (Note: this might leaving unattractive bald spots depending on the location of the knots.) Either make an appointment with a local groomer to have the knots shaved, or you can attempt to cut them out yourself if they are not close to the skin.

Now if your cat is badly knotted all over, you might want to consider getting him/her completely shaved - leaving the fur about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch for insulation. That way your cat will be able to grow a brand new coat, and you will be able to maintain it from the beginning. For additional grooming tips, visit the Grooming Tips section.