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Wednesday, March 13


We strive to provide a helpful and informative venue for Persian cat discussions. In order to maintain a pleasant environment, it is necessary for everyone to adhere to these basic guidelines.

By using the Community, you agree to uphold the following:

Appropriate Content
Please do not post:

  • Content that is political, religious, or sexual.
  • Content that demeans people based on ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, veteran status, or physical/mental disability.
  • Vulgar or explicit language on this site. welcomes individuals under the age of 18, so postings should be family-friendly.
  • Content of a graphic nature (violence, cruelty, gore, or anything else that may be disturbing to some people).
  • Direct donation requests, as we cannot vouch for their legitimacy.
  • Copyrighted articles and content. Instead, post links to them.
  • Phone numbers, addresses, copies of emails/private messages or other personal data.
  • Specific names of breeders or catteries with whom you have had negative experiences.
  • Opinions about declawing, as it usually leads to heated arguments among members.
  • Manners & Courtesy

  • Do respect differences of opinion and experience.
  • Donít start and/or participate in fights with other people. Friendly differences are to be expected, but do not personally attack, antagonize/bait others or pitch a fit.
  • Handle grievances or disputes privately.
  • Donít post the same opinion or position repeatedly in hopes of wearing people down. Make your point once and move on.
  • Content Quality

  • Do enter a short, meaningful subject rather than a vague one, when you start a new thread.
  • Donít post the same message across multiple forums. Choose the one location you think is best. (If the moderators see fit to move it to another forum, a trail will remain from the original location.)
  • Donít post the same message across multiple threads. We will remove any "friendly spam" that appears to fall into this category.
  • Don't post a message that simply asks people to read your post on one of the other forums.

  • Help Fight Spam regularly explores new ways to filter spam in our forum, but please understand that it's not an exact science. You can help us keep our community clean by reporting any spam postings. Simply click on the exclamation point icon within the offending post, and we will take action at the earliest opportunity.

  • Do respect the moderators. There are ten volunteers from around the world who work hard to uphold the rules on this site. Without them, there would be no forums.
  • Do heed any warnings you receive from the moderators. They have full authority to delete members who disregard this siteís guidelines.
  • Do report any and all site abuse to the moderators. This includes forum postings, private messages, and chat room disruptions. By reporting these matters, you can help make this site a better place.
  • Donít gripe about the forum on the forum.
  • Solicitation
    Donít use to solicit members to your own site. Members who post messages/private messages or send e-mails with intention or effect of recruiting users to another web site, forum, or chat group will be banned without further notification. Building membership takes time and hard work. We would not recruit another siteís members to this site, as this would be unethical, and we appreciate the same courtesy in return.

    If you decide to leave, we support you in your decision and wish you well. If you post an announcement about your decision, please understand that we take that at face value and assume you are indeed leaving. In the interest of site security and good housekeeping, your account will be deactivated. If you decide to return in the future, simply contact the site owner regarding account reactivation.

    Please note that when a user's membership here ends (of his/her own free will or otherwise), we generally do not delete that user's posts within our community or other content on All content is granted to us with perpetual electronic publishing rights because any content posted within this community (or elsewhere on this site) becomes a part of, even if you no longer are. You may request an item to be removed at any time, but we will decide when and if to remove content from

    We appreciate your cooperation! [Go to the Community »]