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My sweet girl

My daughter took this pic of Alice relaxing on her track/ball toy..I love this kitty sooo much...sometimes it is hard not to squeeze her too tight

Jack chasing his tail
I don't know if I ever posted this before but I ran across it today. I think it is cute.

nice pillow Mom

I inadvertently left the laundry bag on "her" chair .. and she liked it

Rosie In The Box

A few shots of the kitties

We recently redid our backyard and boy do they love lounging out there

And Rosie on the bed

Did I post this one???

All of them

The Dad and two oldest

This is my son who is the father of 11+. These are his two older daughters, Lauren on left and Alyssa on right. They're both Select Soccer players and they were on their way to the awards banquet.

PS...they have a LOT more hair than he has, lol I lied

Nuthin' was movin' this boy...not love nor money!!! He didn't love me enough nor was he bribed by my offer to double his allowance!!! So....

I'm partial to a bit of chocolate

Well you might know that I'm a chocoholic from way back. Ian can attest to my love of Terry's chocolate orange, but I digress.

Today is my new baby kitten girl gotcha day. A special little lady has come into our lives. I've being trying to write this post for hours since we got home but she is just a little dynamo on legs. So it's 11pm and I hope she will be so tired out from all the play she will sleep like a log.

I'd love for any name suggestions from you all, her colouring is chocolate tabby and all I can think of is Rosabella, one for my love of roses and two Mum's mother name was Isabella. Of course because it'll be shortened to Bella meaning beautiful.

She is just 15 weeks old today and I saw her on Sunday after being in touch with some breeder friends and talking a lot with Garth, but it is really the wrong time of the year to be looking for kittens and I was lucky enough to go and look at her on Sunday and fell in love, even though she had a messy face and needed a clean up.

I saw some other cats ex breeding queens, and exotic short hairs and it was a lot to weigh up what to get and especially how will Tess react, an older cat or a kitten? In the end my love of longhair Persians won the day so that narrowed the field and I fell in love when I saw her as I have loved the chocolate colour in Persians as it's just something new and different.
Saying that tho I'll always love Monty and his redness and Tess with her gorgeous cream fur coat.

I had her vet checked first as I needed the peace of mind that she is in good health and she passed with flying colours. Whew what a relief. I didn't tell my vet what I was bringing in and he thought Tess needed her nails done. Boy was he surprised and relieved not to have to do the nails

So please welcome my girl to our gang of furries, hope you will fall in love with her too

Your Persian alarm clock

Don't forget the lottery is Wednesday afternoon. Cheesy wine to be served.

Hi everyone!!!

It seems like so long since I have been here. I've been poking around a little and it's so nice to see all the familiar faces
Some of you know that Miss Maddie passed away a couple months ago it was very sad for all of us. She was with us so long and was a huge part of the family.
Jacob, Jasper and Rosie are great...oh yeah, and us hoomans too!!
I'm off to do some more poling around and see how everyone and their furries are doing



Kitty meeting.

Persia had her 2 year "gotcha day" a few days ago - I have been a bad "persian-cat forum" poster this last year. . . . . . sorry. . . . so I haven't posted much. Well all the kitties (including Darla) are doing great!

I gave all the fur babies puppy cut/lionish cuts a few weeks ago and they all jumped for joy and have been extra cuddly and loving and playful! We got our hands on a very expensive and good pair of clippers and studied many videos on how to do it correctly, though I am no pro. Well here is a pic from tonight of Chloe and Persia having, what appears to be, a "kitty meeting" on my bathtub:

Back in the land of the living

This week has been a blur - usually the week after a holiday is since there is so much to do at work. This time it was worse - I got sick. I actually came home early yesterday (I NEVER do that) because I felt bad. Not sure what it is/was since it wasn't a cold, but it sure kicked my butt. So far today I am feeling better. I apologize if I haven't responded to some of the posts, or if I didn't make sense when I did respond!

Alaska's newest chair to "claim"

She hasn't sat in this chair for a few years.. yet at the Vet's she loves the chair below that is just like it but doesn't swivel. So just in the last week she started sitting in her leather chair at home

Really need some advice! Himie loosing hair all over neck!:(


I really appreciate any help/advice in advanced!

My 8 yr od himalayan who is otherwise healthy abruptly started to lose hair two weeks ago. He was itching the backs of his ears and neck and I noticed a round bald spot on his neck. I took him to vet -> took cultures for ringworm which have been negative so far. The problem continued to worsen. Now what was once a small patch of hair loss has progressed into a large symmetric area over his entire neck, tracking into his head. He itches like crazy, the skin is pink and inflammed and the hair just falls out when you touch it lightly!

I took him to a vet dermatoogist who recommended empirically treating for ringworm since several months ago he was around another persian cat who had ringworm; even though cultures negative and it doesn't classically look like ringworm he recommended starting fluconazole. I have also been using topical lomotrin on the area. No improvement in the past week.

I'm not convinced it is ringworm. I really have no idea. I thought it could be allergies - I changed his food and litter 2 weeks ago. The only other thing is that right around the time this started, because the weather was really nice, i opened up all the windows and sliding door. Could this be an allergy to pollen in the air?

I really don't know what to do and what makes it worse is I don't have a diagnosis. Any experience with this? What do I do? I'm thinking this is likely ringworm vs allergies.

Look what Auntie Cynthia sent us!

from the other side of the world! It only took about a week. I HATE shopping for overpriced Hallmark cards. We got some birthday, baby shower, retirement, and other assorted cards. Of course the girls had to check it out first thing.

Thank you heaps Cynthia! These will not go to waste! I already have a few earmarked for certain people.

close ups

A bonus Angelpuss pic, just cause it was on this batch from the camera. She is always waiting for me here after I get dressed and ready for work. She is saying Dad, I am ready for my eye envy and some Greenies!

A few Caturday pics

The sun is shining, the car cruise is in town, and we are relaxing and enjoying our Caturday at home!

Mister is keeping a close eye on the birds and bumblebees flying around outside the window:

Flufferton is keeping a close eye on the back of her eyelids after bumping Mister out of her spot:

I'm thinking she has the right idea. I may have to take my own cat nap today!

Abbie's story.....

I think most of you have seen Joe's post about my new baby on the adoption thread. He offered to post it for me as soon as I got her -- thank you, Joe!

So here's the long version. I saw this terrified little girl on the South Texas Persian Rescue page. It is a great group run out of San Antonio. Joe's Cinnamon came from there. Don't ask me what made me look - I was just really missing Sasha. This was the same day Abbie's picture was first posted - they were looking for someone to transport her from Houston to get her out of the shelter there and into rescue. Her momma had been put in a nursing home and the "family" had tossed her outside. After several weeks, Someone found her and took her to a shelter and the shelter contacted SPTXR. When they agreed to accept her, she was vetted, got a dental, had all of her matted fur shaved to the skin, got microchipped, and was treated for a URI. (Think about the weather we were having 6 weeks ago!). Then she was ready for transport and her picture went on the page.

This was the first picture Joe posted. I saw those terrified green eyes and I was lost. I contacted them. They sent me an application. I filled it out, with Joe and Kira and my vet as references. Then Joe sent them a letter saying I would be a good mom and the rest is history. They knew Joe and that was all I needed. She was mine. We went through a couple of roadblocks -- she was supposed to come home with me on Easter, but she wasn't feeling well and they don't let sick pets leave. So Wednesday night I got a call and Bryan drove me back to SA to get her. She was sitting at eye level with me on a cat tree. I looked at her, scratched her nose and leaned forward. She stared at me for a few seconds and put her nose right next to mine. I passed her test. I rode in the back seat with her carrier and after about an hour, I took her out and out her in my lap. She curled up and slept there the rest of the way.

Sam is still not too sure this was a bright idea, but I'm sure they are going to work it out. Abbie certainly has!

Her adoption papers say she is a silver chinchilla. She has gorgeous green eyes, but not much fur for now, except for her head and tail. She looks like a Q-tip since she is still very thin. She's eating well since coming home and loves both kibble and canned. No litter box issues - she has her own box and food bowls in her room. So that's where we are for now.

Sorry this is so long. I'm quite sure Sasha sent me to that website. Thank you, my angel.

Adventures of Sink Cat

Chewie likes to hang out in sinks. He USED to fit in them...but now, not so much.
(Please excuse some bad quality from Instagrammed photos)


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