Birthing Time Tips


  1. The plug can burst prior to one week before the birth of the kittens. (This may cause premature babies but usually not.) You need to watch for this carefully to ensure that you will be around when the cat gives birth.
  2. If one of the kittens is very week, keep it on a heating pad wrapped in towels. Keep massaging the baby as much as possible, stroking it gently.
  3. If it seems like all the kittens have been born, remember there may be one last addition. A cat can give birth for up to 8-hour intervals.
  4. If you have tried everything, be ready and willing to let the kitten go. Sadly enough, these things happen sometimes.
  5. Ensure that the remaining kittens are suckling the milk and their stomachs are showing signs of being full.
  6. Do not give the weak kitten too much a bottle. It can collapse the lungs of the kitten, and he/she will pass away gasping with air. Use the eye dropper or the ear dropper and put very few drops in the mouth. Remember the kitten is weak, and he/she can also choke.
  7. Have wonderful friends with whom you can share the experience over the telephone, Internet, or in person.

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