The Fundamentals of Cat Breeding


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People who are very fond of cats sometimes choose to breed cats with the idea of "the more, the merrier." Cat owners sometimes want to bring more cats into the world by getting involved in cat breeding. The results are wonderful as more adorable cats can find homes and people to love them, but the steps involved in breeding cats must be carefully followed to help ensure the health of the cat and her baby kittens.

Breeding cats does involve a time and monetary commitment, so cat owners need to count the costs before they get involved in the process. In addition, it is very important to read about the topic in a book, online or speak with an experienced breeder who can give advice and helpful tips before getting started. Cat owners need to determine the particular kind of cat they want to breed and what is involved in doing so. These preliminary steps are important so that the breeding process can be done safely and correctly.

Logistics is also something to consider when getting into the business of breeding cats. Owners must make sure they have enough space in their home for the cat and all of her little ones. Some people choose to sell or give away the kittens once they are born, but if something happens and no one can take a kitten or two, there should be extra space available for the new addition.

Before breeding begins, it is best to have the cat undergo a thorough check-up and get vaccinated against harmful diseases. These measures will help protect the male and female cats from getting sick and possibly passing on their illness to the babies. This could adversely impact the entire breeding process, so this precautionary process is important to help cat breeding to go smoothly.

Female cats should be sprayed before her first cycle to decrease the amount of male cat prospects coming around when she is prime for mating. In addition, the male and female cats should be adults before they are used for the breeding process. Their maturity is important to their health as they are paired together to produce a litter of kittens. The pregnant cat, or queen, should be well cared for during her pregnancy and given a special place to deliver her young.

Cat breeding can be a rewarding process as pregnant female cats bear healthy little kittens that can be fed and nurtured in a loving home. There is a certain way to go about breeding particular breeds of cats, so breeders must take the time to find out the proper way to go about it. The time, dedication and monetary investment involved in bringing cats into the world is worth it to give cats a good place to live.

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