Short Story Series 4


Patty and the Pickle Jar
Submitted by: Whitney Clark

On a bright summer morning, our soft little fluff ball Patty was running around the house doing her daily trouble round for the day. She was chasing birds while in the house and she made it to the kitchen. There we had our pickles in the crock pot, almost up with 2 weeks marinating. We had a plate over the top as a lid, and this was sitting at the window. She took a dash, jumped, 'flip' goes the plate, and in goes Patty. She was determined to get out of there, so she jumped out, breaking the dish in the mean time, and landed on all fours. She sat in the mess that she created with much pride, sneezed, pinned ears, glared, and twitched her tail. She began the cleaning process and heard a door open. She was gone in a flash!

We have 2 other Persians that have been anointed into the tradition, and from then forth we will remember this and the cost for the damages. Even in death, we will always find joy in this dear cat.

My Baby Shimshim
Submitted by: Lola

When my cat was found as a stray outside, I knew she would be a lot of work, to be cleaned from all the fleas, and to get rid of all that matted hair. Yet, it was the easiest job. She is so polite, quite, and adorable. She always acts as if she is a part of the family and she is. And I am so happy to have her with me because she brought joy to my life. Now I look forward to going home from school because I know there is someone waiting for me and who loves me as much as I love her.

Wonderful White
Submitted by: Sarah Ahmed

My cat's name is White. He is only one year old and is so cute. He likes to eat chocolate, cookies, fish and meat. When he hears me playing with a marble, he snatches it from me and plays with it. Sometimes the marble rolls inside a chair (big chair), so he looks at me as if I'm supposed to go and fetch it for him. I can't get over his lovely blue eyes! White is a wonderful, dreamy, lovable, cute, handsome, caring, dashing and snowy cat!

Bonnie's Boxes & Baskets
Submitted by: J. Lamb

Our Bonnie cat has a thing for plastic, especially plastic boxes. She's fairly large and looks silly crammed into a plastic shoe box, but every time my son empties toys onto the floor, Bonnie must sleep in the box. She also likes to ride in laundry baskets. If I'm taking an empty basket to the laundry room, she'll beg. When I put it down, she hops right in and stays there as I carry the basket through the house and down the stairs. As soon as I put even one sock in the basket, she refuses to ride. She once tried to jump from the floor into a basket on the bed, but it was too close to the edge and overturned... on top of her! She was embarrassed that she trapped herself.

Flight of the Bowl
Submitted by: John

I can still remember the visit to my aunt in Switzerland. She always had a great love for cats, especially Persians. She had 12 cats in total, and seven of them were Persians. It was very funny watching her feed them. First she would get a medium-sized bowl full of cat food and she would have to move through a sea of meowling and hissing cats, often tripping up. One day, my Gran came over to her house while she was feeding her cats which was a mistake of course. Gran sat down while my aunt fed her cats. She tripped over one, and the bowl went flying through the air and landed on Gran's head. It was hilarious.

Simba, the Mighty Hunter
Submitted by: Natasha

For 8 years now, we have had a cat named Simba who is very unique-looking. He is white with a big black bushy tail and a black spot on his head and weighs 15 pounds. Everyone who has seen him thinks he is cute. Even the vet said they have never before seen a cat who looks like that. Not only is Simba unique-looking, but his ways are, too!

He loves to eat canned corn and peas, but along with the veggies, he loves his meat. He proved this one day, while we were eating lunch. We noticed he was running across the road with something in his mouth, stopping, dropping the item, picking it up and running again. By the time he had reached our patio, we discovered that we had a great hunter. He had a rabbit as big as he was and was just getting ready to have dinner himself!