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Pork Warning


From what my research has shown,Trichinosis1 is found in pork; therefore, pork is to be AVOIDED when feeding raw. Highly avoided! I would never give raw pork to my girls. In fact, when we do have pork at our house, I cook the pork chops so done, they are almost burned!!!


Livers & Bones


Liver Lovers
When possible, I try to use the same species. If I am mixing a chicken batch, I use chicken livers. With duck, I use the duck livers.

I do avoid feeding beef liver to my group at all, since most of them cannot handle it and will vomit shortly after eating it. Also, if I put too much of ANY liver in, I get sick kitties. So for me, it's quite a balancing act!

Since I feed mostly chicken, and chicken livers are easily found by me, that's what I usually use.


A Partial Raw Diet

I personally think any amount of fresh, raw meat is of benefit to the cats, no matter how small. It will keep those who do eat it, used to the taste, texture and scent of fresh meat, while you work on getting the "hold out" to try it at least.

Switching adult cats can be very slow and frustrating. Some of mine were converted with the first meal, but most took about 2 weeks. I had one that held out for 2 months, and the last one held out for a full year, before I was able to get them totally off commercial and onto raw only.


  • Raw
  • Vegetables

Frozen Mice

The mail order things are very expensive! At first I thought they were great prices, but unless you buy huge quantities, they are the same price wise as the local shops, at least for me.

The pinkies, are just that - little, hairless, pink things. Unless you look hard, they really don't look like an animal. The adult mice are fur covered, and well, they are mice.

The only prep I do is pop about 6 mice into a baggie, float in warm water till thawed and no longer cold. I usually rinse them off then, pat them dry, and serve on a plate!


How to Use Eggs

Raw yolks are fine. They are a great source of protein and nutrients for cats.

Raw whites are not good. In small amounts they are ok, but on a regular basis an enzyme in the white will bind with certain nutrients, and the cat can become deficient.

You can either soft boil the eggs, or float them in hot water for 5 minutes to deactivate the enzyme in the whites, or just not use whites at all.