Sliding Puzzles:
Black & White Bicolor Persian: Rudy New Window
Blue & White Bicolor Persian: Persia New Window
Shaded Silver Persian: Punkin New Window
Solid Red Persian: Sassy New Window
Solid White Persian: Vanna White New Window
Red & White Bicolor Persian: Buongiorno New Window

Himmy Find

The picture below contains the faces of many kinds of Persians. How many Himalayan faces can you find?

Persian Cat Quiz

Test your knowledge of Persian cats. To see the answer, simply position your mouse over the picture next to each question.

Where is the Cat Show?

The annual Persian World Cat Show is tomorrow and you've lost your brochure. You must buy a plane ticket but you can't remember which country is hosting this year's show.


Hello! My name is Snickers, and I'd like to invite you to play Snick-Tac-Toe with me. It's just like Tic-Tac-Toe! You play as the X's, and I'll play as the kitty faces. Click on the square you want to place your X. The first player to get three squares in a row wins. Let's play!


Just print this screen and play! All the words in the Word List can be found in the puzzle below. Can you spot each one?