Bathing 101



Here is a simply 10-step guide to giving your Persian a bath:

  1. Pre-bath manicure: Trim your cat's nails before the bath.
  2. Brush out the coat thoroughly. (This will mean less hair to clog up the drain!)
  3. Fill up the tub or basin with lukewarm water.
  4. Place your cat inside -- be gentle but firm.
  5. Wet down the cat completely, but don't dunk the head!
  6. Using a shampoo that is specifically formuated for cats, apply generously to the body and get a good lather. (Be sure to follow whatever directions are on the bottle.)
  7. Completely rinse your cat making sure to remove all soapy residue.
  8. Dry out your cat's fur with a towel.
  9. Use a stainless steel cat comb to work out any tangles.
  10. As you blow dry, use low heat and continue to brush the fur. When the cat is completely dry, you're all done!