Bibs: The Practical Fashion Statement


To bib, or not to bib, that is the question. Let's not sugarcoat things -- the Persian's ruff carries evidence of the day's activities and can be an absolute minefield of foulness. If you have a compulsive washer, the ruff will often feature a combination of tangles and cat saliva. Or perhaps you have a "dragger" on your hands who habitually drags his or her ruff through the bowls, picking up cat food and water along the way. And if you're really unlucky, you might have a "litter critter" who manages to get bits of cat litter stuck in the ruff when nature calls. It's enough to make anyone's nose wrinkle, but we love our fur kids and continue to fight the unending battle with their fur.

If you've already tried to address the root causes of these issues with limited success, it might be time to explore a cat bib. People often think only of show cats as bib wearers, but pets can also don this stylish accessory. Now you may be asking yourself, "Isn't a bib kind of chichi? Ostentatious even?" Let go of these doubts - they do not serve you. It is true the bib can be a fashion statement for your Persian, but only if you want it to be. Primarily, this is an opportunity to make your grooming life easier. When worn correctly, a bib will prevent your Persian from excessively licking his or her neck and chest, and it will protect the area from staining and soiling at mealtimes.

Make a Bib
According to Fultonblue in a Bibs discussion within our Forum, the cheapest and easiest bib solution is a coffee filter. She says to cut a hole in the center of the filter and slip it over the kitty's head. And when you're ready to swap for a clean one, just throw away the old one. Pretty simple! (Within the same discussion, Azurine101 shared that over-the-head bibs for babies have worked well for her cats.)

You might also check out the Turtleneck Bib or the Body Sock Bib approaches as explained by Melinda Murray on the PandEcats web site. Both solutions only require men's socks and some scissors, so these would be affordable DIY solutions.

Finally, if you're really crafty and creative, you can experiment on your own with various fabrics and patterns. Bib styles for your Persian can be as utilitarian or resplendent as your heart desires.

Success Captured on Video
Here is a video showing the coffee filter approach in action. As you can see, it works like a charm!