The Challenges of Cat Grooming


Fortunately, cats are natural groomers. They clean themselves much of their waking hours. They are able to clean themselves by using their tongue and teeth. Long hair cats, however, have more difficulty in keeping themselves free of matted fur.

Grooming your cat may be one of the most difficult activities you ever pursue. The one thing you need to remember is that cats don't like being controlled. They want the control. To groom a cat, you need to try to be in control, so let the challenge begin.

In your desire to win the fight, you will have to have a lot of patience. Your cat will also want to win the fight, so you cannot hurry this process. You can have success! Brushing is so necessary to whisk away those loose hairs. You will be able to sit on your chairs without having cat hair on your clothes. She will be able to walk by you and you won't have cat hairs cling to your clothes. Brushing can reduce much of her shedding, but not all of it.

Brushing and combing your cat will be considerably easier than bathing your cat. Starting your cat's grooming when your cat is a kitten is preferred and it will be to your advantage. Unfortunately you may not realize the need for grooming your cat until she becomes an adult. You may find that a 5 minute grooming procedure by brushing her will be the limit of your cat's patience. Be grateful she has allowed you to do this, and give yourself a gold star because you have just experienced success!

The real challenge begins with your lovable, long haired cat. Many long hair cats will have fine, silky hair and brushing will be easy. If, however, your Persian cat has cotton type fur and mats easily, grooming her will be much more difficult. This may be the time to consider a professional cat groomer. They not only know the tricks and have better techniques, they will be faster. Be aware, that there are some professional groomers that will not do cats.

If your cat has a very difficult mat in her fur, you can try to remove it yourself. Be extremely careful when using scissors or a professional shaver. You can nick or cut your cat's tender skin, and you will end up needing the services of a vet. I do not recommend that you attempt to remove severely matted fur. Ask your vet if he will do it or the recommendation for a cat groomer.

When you are trying to control your cat, one of their natural responses is biting. A cat bite can be very serious and should not be ignored. You may end up in the emergency room, be treated and released, or admitted to the hospital because of the infection. You will receive high doses of antibiotics. This bite can come from your house pet or a feral cat, both can cause an infection.

For the real challenge, give your special kitty a bath. Your kitty could become a raging tiger as you attempt to put her in water. Have a trial run by running some warm water in your tub or sink and put your cat into the container. You don't need to get her wet, but look for her reaction to the water. Chances are your kitty will bolt! Most cats do not like water. You may only want to bath your cat in extreme conditions such as when they have a flea infestation, a skin irritation, get into some car oil, or they are really dirty.

Patience is the key in grooming your cat whether you are just brushing her or attempting to give her a bath. When bathing, keep a plastic container near to use to rinse your kitty with the water. Do not fill the tub or sink with water, just have it gently running. She will not like getting cold, so gently pour the warm water over her often. Use only a cat shampoo and rinse her coat thoroughly, very thoroughly. Any left over shampoo may cause a skin irritation and she will lick her fur so she will digest the shampoo. Do not use human shampoo. It will dry her fur and eliminate her natural oils.

If your cat is really in need of a bath, you should consider seeking the help and service of a professional cat groomer. Your love for your cat will not be based on whether or not she lets your groom her, but that she is so forgiving and lovable to have around. A cat's purring is very peaceful. Petting her can be a very tranquil time for both of you. Cats are very special pets. We love our cats as I know you love yours.

Good luck in your grooming experience and may you have much success. Remember, you always have the option of calling on a specialist.

About the Author: Lori Kniff loves cats and dogs. She has had a cat most of her life and several dogs. She is concerned with the health and welfare of our pets. Please visit for items that will help you show your love for your cat or dog.
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