Tips for Bathing Your Persian Cats and Kittens


Have a safe, painless and anxiety-free feline bathing experience with these easy to follow steps.

Train Your Cat To Be Groomed

Grooming should be done on a daily basis for proper care of your cat. Brushing, combing, clipping nails, and cleaning ears are all types of grooming that need to be done. By doing basic grooming on a regular basis, it will help prevent scratched furniture and hairballs.

Hairballs can be managed using different products. (Do not confuse this for a substitute for grooming.) Learn more about these products at your favorite pet store or internet site.

A Detailed Guide to Grooming Your Cat

To keep your cat happy, healthy and clean it is essential to properly groom your cat. By reading this section you will learn how and when to groom your cat and also what equipment to use. You will learn how to brush your cat, bath your cat, how to clean your cats ears and how to look after your cats teeth.

Brushing and Combing Your Cat

The Art of Sanitary Clipping

Let's be honest. Sometimes all of that long hair around your Persian's rear end can cause trouble. You might notice "something" hanging on after a trip to the litter box. A sanitary clip can save both you and your cat a lot of heartache.

It is easier to let a groomer or even a vet handle it for you. Since not all vets or groomers will be able or willing to do it, here are some basic instructions on how to do it yourself.


Lion Cuts and More

It may seem shocking to imagine shaving or clipping a Persian's glorious coat, but it's actually not uncommon. Some of the reasons owners may choose to go this route include:

  • A recently rescued Persian who was neglected - sometimes matting can be so severe that shaving is the only option
  • A Persian who resists combing or brushing despite a loving owner's best tricks and techniques
  • A Persian who has extreme hairball issues