Ginger Winger's Garden Tail


I had helped out at a Persian rescue which was closing down. We offered to home one of the old cats to add to our family of four rescue cats. However, our offer wasn't needed because Jenny had found homes for them all. But, "would we pick up a cat in Dorset that was going to be put down, unless she was collected by the week-end?"

The cat had been neglected and left to live in an outhouse. She was ignored, but fed. Her coat was so matted, she could barely walk. She was only eighteen months old, but looked like an old cat. She protested vocally all the way to the vet, where I had her tested for feline leukemia, which was negative, thank goodness. I could take her home until her fur-removing operation on the Monday.

On Monday, after her fur-removal, I collected her in a baby-grow. She was completely bald, apart from the front of her face and a paintbrush at the end of her tail.

Now, a year and about #1300 later, she is a beautiful ginger and white cat with a truly magnificent tail, with which she drags half the garden indoors. She is affectionate, has a lovely temperament and is very vocal. We call her a Ginger Winger and adore her and our other four rescue Persians.

Article Author: 

Annemarie Seager