Matt the Flatt Catt


Matt is about 7 years old and was born with virtually no legs and a quarter length of tail. He came to my attention a few years ago when I received an e-mail regarding a "footless cat" in rural Kentucky that was about to become homeless. Seems "Stumpy" (his name at the time) had spent his life in the home of several collectors, people who hoard large numbers of animals in filthy conditions. When the two people split up they abandoned the house and all the animals in it, including poor little Stumpy who had never seen a litter box in his entire life. He had been allowed to eliminate anywhere. I suspect carpeting was his primary surface.

The dogs in the home were picked up by a local breed rescue, who felt sorry for the little "challenged" kitty and took him as well. Unfortunately, she had severe cat allergies which meant this cat spent all summer in a small cage outside. With fall coming on, the rescue person knew he would have to go somewhere. Thus, the random e-mail that just happened to fall into my lap.

I was horrified by the thought of a homeless kitty with no feet and felt strongly I needed to do something. Through my contacts with dog rescues, I requested help in transferring the cat up to me in Wisconsin. To make a very long story short, this kitty soon found himself in a car full of rescue cocker spaniels making its way up north to a new life.

There was nothing to prepare me for the extent of this little cat's deformity. Rather than just missing paws he had NOTHING below the elbows and his back limbs were merely small stumps, which were irritated and swollen by the cage in which he had been housed all summer. He pulled himself around like a seal. But what really caught my eye were his huge gold eyes and a purr the likes of which I have rarely encountered. This was a cat that LIVED TO BE LOVED. He was never more content than when he was in someone's arms being adored. He drooled in joy when given any attention at all.

Of course, he stayed. Renamed Matt the Flatt Catt, his deformities and initial litter box issues made him an impossible placement. But also, I was crazy about him. He soon learned to use a low litter box, the kind made for dogs, and is 99% fully house trained. However he lives in an area that is all linoleum, so cleanup is not an issue anyway.

Because of his overwhelmingly outgoing, loving purrsonality, this little Mewtant is the favorite of any visitors, who often stop by on purpose just to hold him. Matt is terrified of other animals and has his own space where he has plenty of warmth, food and attention. He is our special little treasure and proof that love comes in the most remarkable packages.

Article Author: 

Kirsten Kranz