Breeders, Papers, & Shots (Oh My!)


Breeders 101
It is very important to do some homework before deciding on a breeder. If possible, you should visit the cattery to see first hand the enviroment in which the cats are being raised. You will want to observe whether the cats are kept in the home or in cages. Find out how long he/she has been breeding Persians and if you can meet the kitten's mother and father. Do not be afraid to ask the breeder lots of questions - they should have plenty of questions for you, too.

Definitely get lots of health information. Ask the breeder if he/she provides a written health guarantee (and for how long). Also, find out if there is a veterinarian who sees all the cats and whether he/she has screened them for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. Additionally, you should ask the breeder if he/she is aware of any genetic problems in the breedlines, such as hip dysplasia, and how long the cats typically live.

Finally, the breeder can provide you with guidelines on how often to groom and bathe the cat as well as make recommendations on what to feed the cat.

Get the Necessary Documentation

  1. Make sure you get the kitten's vaccination certificate from the breeder. You will need to know what shots it has had already and when the next ones are due. You also need the certificate at boarding facilities and if you plan to show your kitten, you may need it if the show involves vet checking.
  2. If you want a cat with papers make sure you negotiate this with the breeder before the sale. Ask for a photocopy of the kittens papers if it is registered. If you have this information you will be able to check on the progress of the registration change to your name.

Make sure you have these documents before taking the cat home. If you wish to show your kitten, you will need its registration certificate to enter it in cat shows.