Persian Face Getting a Persian is a big decision! Questions you may be asking yourself: Is this breed a good fit for me? What color would I want? Show quality or pet quality? Should I buy from a breeder or would I rather rescue a Persian in need of a home? The "I Want a Persian" section features resources to help you begin your journey...

I Want a Persian

Learning Patience: "Karing" for Kita

Mocha is the first cat I have ever adopted. The first thing I did was to change her name from Mocha to Kita. I don’t know who named her Mocha, but if I know an animal has been abused or neglected, I want to give them a fresh start and a new name. I was told that Kita was three years old and she had been in six different homes. I vowed never to abandon her or hurt her in any way. She had been left at a shelter because the other animals in the home "beat up on her", according to the Surrender Form.

Bear, My Guardian Angel

In June of 1991, I lost my beloved ten-year-old black Angora, Peanut, to cancer. About one week later, I decided to call the animal pound to see if they had any cats for adoption. Our pound does not keep cats. They are destroyed as soon as possible. My goal was to save the life of a cat in Peanut’s name, as a tribute to my love, so I could feel better. The man I talked with said that the pound had a cat and a kitten. He told me the cat was very injured and the kitten would never be social, since she was feral.