Is a Persian Right for You?


Persian Qualities
There are many different breeds out there all with different personalities. And it's important that the personality of the cat complements that of the owner. Persians tend to be serene and laid-back. They are definitely beautiful cats, but their coats require a good bit of maintenance. Persians are commonly described as being quiet, dignified, and not too vocal. If these traits sound good, then a Persian is the cat for you.

Grooming Reality Check
It seems like so many people ask: with all that long hair, aren't shedding and grooming a nightmare with Persians? The real answer: it depends. Consider human hair for a moment. It can be curly or straight, thick or thin, coarse or fine, and everything in between. Every person is a little different and so is every Persian. The type of hair, of course, determines how time-consuming your grooming duties will be as the owner. Some Persians have thick, wooly hair that knots up quickly. They require a daily brushing. (You might even plan to have him/her shaved once or twice a year as well.) Other Persians have sleek, silky hair that never tangles. They can get away with being brushed as needed.

Shedding also varies from Persian to Persian. The general consensus is that it's not as bad as one might expect. If you are good about grooming your cat regularly, you'll remove much of the excess hair that would otherwise collect elsewhere. Grooming gloves are handy to have. As you pet your cat, the gloves pick up the loose hair.