November 2000 Newsletter


The contents of this newsletter are inspired by the visitors of PERSIAN-CATS.COM. The following tips and information come primarily from bulletin board postings and particularly useful discussions in the chat room.

This Month's Features: Older Cats & Play, Toddlers & Cats, and Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Older Cats & Play
An Editorial by Cara B.

Did you know that older cats are adorable and love to play just as much as kittens do? Just because they are older does not necessarily mean they are ready to sleep standing up! Older cats have a lot of kitten in them and they benefit from the attention and exercise we give them. Cats enjoy long lives (they have nine of them, yes?) and love to play. Some older cats probably have their favorite toy, while some need variety. Variety? What are you going to do with all those cat toys? You can make a toy box without a lid (or a lid that won't shut on your cat) - something lightweight and not too big - like a new shoe box or a clean tea bag box. You can decorate it any way you wish. It is always a good idea to put cat toys in a safe haven when you are not there to supervise their play. Older cats just wanna have fun!

* Please check with your veterinarian to ensure your cat is healthy at his/her age to play and exercise before doing so. More than likely, you will get the okay from your veterinarian to do so.

Toddlers & Cats
An Editorial by Cara B.

Is it possible to have a cat and a toddler at the same time? Yes! How did I teach my toddler about animals? One day, he really noticed our cat and wanted to tug her hair. I knew then I had to do something to teach him about her. So I softly and repetitively said to our son, "Be gentle, pet the cat." I took his hand in mine while making a light, long petting motion from the cat's head to the middle of her back to the tip of her fluffy tail teaching him how we pet an animal. We did this each and every time he would venture near her. Our little Persian learned to trust him and she now plays tag with him up and down the hallway. They even sit on the floor together. When we go visiting, it is so nice to see our son (even at 17 months) pet a cat gently because that is what we taught him. With just a little work and patience, a family with a toddler can keep their pets. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach a child how to be gentle and caring toward animals such as the cat.

* Please check with a veterinarian to ensure a pet's disposition is suited for a toddler. It would be good to talk with your child's doctor as well (I.e., allergies). More than likely, you will get the okay from your veterinarian and pediatrician.

Gift Ideas for the Holidays
(This information came from Mendi L., Birgit F., Arlene S., & Edna W.)

The holidays will be upon us in no time. Some of the Bulletin Board users had some great gift ideas for kitties this season. Here are some suggestions to fit any budget:

Toy Mouse
Try the Catnip Mouse for $2.95 from Cat Faeries Online Catalog ( or the Wooly Bully Mouse for $4.99 from PetsMart (

Ratherbee Catnip-Filled Candy Cane & Catnip Stick by the Blue Rat Company
The Candy Cane is only $3.99, and the Catnip Stick is $4.50. Available at Meow, Meow! Cat Lover's Emporium (

Kookie Kitty Feather Teaser
Inexpensive ($4.49) feather on a stick available at PetsMart (

Cat's Meow Catnip Sleeping Mat by Barker & Meowsky
The decorative mat is covered in 100% cotton and filled with polyester and organically-grown catnip. Priced at $16.95, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to animal shelters. To order, visit or call toll free 800-327-0403.

Cat Spa from Living World
The perimeter flat surfaces feature accu-pressure pads that feel wonderful underneath a cat's paws. The center surface is a Ripple Massager topped by a Gum Stimulator for healthy chewing. There are also three Body Stroke Groomers for self-grooming and massage. A bag of loose catnip is included and can be used to fill the well beneath the Gum Stimulator or placed underneath the Body Stroke Groomers. Available for $26.99 at Mayer's Online Pet Shop (

Pet Steps by C&D Pet Products (for elderly, disabled, or injured kitties)
Constructed from sturdy plywood and high-grade carpeting (beige, tan, or gray). Available in single step ($29.95), double step ($54.95), or triple step ($79.95). Call toll free 888-554-7387 or visit