November 2001 Newsletter


The contents of this newsletter are inspired by the visitors of PERSIAN-CATS.COM. The following tips and information come primarily from bulletin board postings and particularly useful discussions in the chat room.

This Month's Features: The Story of the Peek-a-Boo Gang, How to Take the "Fur" Out of Furniture, and Quick Thanksgiving Warning

A Quick Thanksgiving Warning

If you feed your kitty turkey at Thanksgiving, please beware of:

  • Bones - they can get lodged in your cat's digestive system.
  • Salmonella - undercooked turkey can cause salmonella food poisoning.

How to Take the "Fur" Out of Furniture
(This information came from Lynn P., Mary B., Karyn K., Birgit F., Katie H., Lana E., Shawnee L., Judith D., & Patsy S.)

Most of our kitties have a favorite place to sleep and they will spend hours there. After days and weeks of this pattern, the hair can really start to pile up. And let's be honest - the vacuum cleaner doesn't usually work. Here are some useful tools for picking up shed cat hair from your furniture.

  • Rubber squeegee
  • Damp terry cloth
  • Lint brush or roller
  • Damp paper towel
  • Duct tape

Or you can always buy furniture to match the cat hair...

The Story of the Peek-a-Boo Gang
(By Uschi, Pascha, & Rajah)

I would like to introduce myself and the Peek-a-Boo Gang, Pascha & Rajah. Pascha is my 10-year-old Himalayan. He was never a big player and always on the shy side. Rajah is my 2-year-old silver tabby Persian. He never runs out of ideas. He has non-stop energy. We, as cat lovers, know how much kitties love paper bags and cardboard boxes, and that's what started it.

It was October 2000, and I was coming home from grocery shopping. Naturally, Rajah needed to check out all of the new grocery bags - he always does that. Now his buddy, Pascha, joined in. I had to stopped for a minute so I could watch them play. It was just too funny. Then I grabbed one of the empty grocery bags, cut a hole in the bottom of it, and put it back down. Rajah ran right into the bag! Immediately, he started sticking his paws through the hole. Pascha was outside and went nuts! He too started putting his paw through the hole, and then they started peeking at each other. Pascha and Rajah had a ball, and I couldn't stop laughing. I
can't remember who jumped on top of the bag, but their new-found toy was now kaput. They both gave me this look as if to say, "Don't stand around... do something!" This inspired me to design and build the Peek-a-Boo Play Box.

As of March 2001, I started my web site, The Peek-a-Boo Play Box is available to all kitties who love to play. It is a hit, and our membership is growing. I am currently offering something special to the members of If you order a Peek-a-Boo Play Box, you will receive the box personalized with your cat's or cattery's name (not to exceed 3 names) for no additional charge.

Come one, come all!

Uschi, Pascha & Rajah

Peek-a-Boo Box   Peek-a-Boo Box
Peek-a-Boo Box   Peek-a-Boo Box