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How Can You Tell If Your Kitty Is Suffering From Joint Pain

Lethargic Cat

Cats are living creatures and in many ways, they suffer from the same ailments that affect humans too. As we age, we will find that our bones and joints become less strong. It is the same with your cat. In fact, it is quite common for senior cats to suffer from joint pain just like us, humans. But how can you tell for sure if kitty is indeed suffering in silence? Read on.

Older cats may suffer from Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. One possible cause of this disease is excess weight, the other is of course, age.


Royal Canin Food is Nutritionally Tailored to Suit Your Cat's Needs

Madrid Cat Show Featuring Royal Canin in Background

Royal Canin diets provide precise nutritional solutions to your pet's needs. Each of the Royal Canin Dog Food and Royal Canin Cat Food products are based on their extensive knowledge of cats and dogs, gained through years of studies at their our own centre, partnerships with leading veterinary schools and universities, and continued input from veterinarians and breeders worldwide. At Royal Canin UK all our food is made to the strictest quality requirements to ensure absolute safety. One food doesn't suit all.


Grooming Your Show Cat

Get Ready to Groom

There are as many techniques to grooming for a show, as there are breeders. Much depends on the age of the cat, the sex, time of year, color, and coat texture. Sometimes, daily brushing can cause more damage to a show coat than good. Check the coat several times daily, just by petting the cat, and if you feel the start of a small snarl, then comb it out using a wide-tooth metal comb. Never use a slicker brush for any type of daily, deep combing.

Concerns of the Cat Heart Murmur

Vet Wearing Stethoscope

The vet listens to the heartbeat, heart rhythm and the heart sounds to determine if the heart has any irregularities. If they hear any unusual sounds, they may require more tests, but generally, they give the diagnosis of a heart murmur. The health of the cat determines if any concern for this heart condition exists.

Types of Cat Heart Murmurs


An Owner's Guide to Anemia in Cats

Blood Cells

Anemia in cats is a condition that occurs when there is not enough hemoglobin or red blood cells produced. It is not a disease, but merely a symptom of an underlying condition or disease. So, what exactly causes it?

Many things can cause this condition. The kidneys are responsible for producing hormones that stimulate red blood cell production. So, kidney disease is one of the most common causes. Parasites such as ticks, fleas, and hookworms are another leading cause.