Seven Persian Divisions


The following are the seven groups of the Persian class recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association.

Solid Color:
White, Black, Blue, Cream, Red, Peke-Face Red, Chocolate, Lilac

Silver and Golden:
Chinchilla Silver, Shaded Silver, Chinchilla Golden, Shaded Golden

Shaded and Smoke:
Shell Cameo (Red Chinchilla), Shaded Cameo (Red Shaded), Shell Cream (Cream Chinchilla), Shaded Cream (Cream Shaded), Shell Tortoiseshell, Shaded Tortoiseshell, Shell Blue-Cream, Shaded Blue-Cream, Black Smoke, Blue Smoke, Cream Smoke, Red Smoke, Tortoiseshell Smoke, Blue-Cream Smoke

Classic Tabby, Mackerel Tabby (such as brown), Red Tabby, Peke-Face Red Tabby, Brown Tabby, Brown Patched Tabby, Cream Tabby, Cameo Tabby, Cream Cameo Tabby, Silver Tabby, Blue Tabby, Blue Silver Tabby, Blue Patched Tabby, Silver Patched Tabby, Blue Silver Patched Tabby, Chocolate Tabby, Chocolate Patched Tabby, Lilac Tabby, Lilac Patched Tabby

Tortoiseshell, Blue-Cream, Chocolate Tortoiseshell, Lilac-Cream

Calico and Bicolor (and Van):
Calico, Dilute Calico, Chocolate Calico, Lilac Calico, Bicolor, Calico Smoke, Dilute Calico Smoke, Calico Smoke, Dilute Calico Smoke, Chocolate Calico Smoke, Lilac Calico Smoke, Shell Cream and White, Shell Calico, Shell Dilute Calico, Shell Chocolate Calico, Shell Lilac Calico, Shell Cameo and White, Shaded Cream and White, Shaded Calico, Shaded Dilute Calico, Shaded Chocolate Calico, Shaded Lilac Calico, Red Tabby and White, Brown Tabby and White, Patched Tabby and White, Other Tabby and White

Chocolate Point, Seal Point, Lilac Point, Blue Point, Flame (Red) Point, Cream Point, Tortie Point, Blue-Cream Point, Lilac-Cream Point, Chocolate Tortie Point, Seal Lynx Point, Blue Lynx Point, Flame Lynx Point, Cream Lynx Point, Tortie Lynx Point, Blue-Cream Lynx Point, Chocolate Lynx Point, Lilac Lynx Point, Chocolate-Tortie Lynx Point, Lilac-Cream Lynx Point

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