Rescue Stories

Finding a Jewel in the Snow

I was driving slowly up the dirt road to the cabin. I drove slowly because I had lost all four hubcaps off my old station wagon when they bounced off on that bad road. It was snowing hard and I heard a strange howling coming from out in the field. I stopped the car and rolled down the window. It sounded like it might be a cat, so I got out and walked in the direction of the sound.

Adopting/Rescuing Chia, an Adult Cat

Before my younger brother was born, I had a lovely long-haired grey smoke boy, Smokey. But shortly after my brother's birth, he became sick with congestion and cough. This lasted for almost a year until the doctor asked if we had any animals and then suggested maybe my brother was allergic to Smokey. My mother sent Smokey for a visit with relatives to test the situation, and my brother cleared up completely. Smokey returned; my brother was sick again.

Ginger Winger's Garden Tail

I had helped out at a Persian rescue which was closing down. We offered to home one of the old cats to add to our family of four rescue cats. However, our offer wasn't needed because Jenny had found homes for them all. But, "would we pick up a cat in Dorset that was going to be put down, unless she was collected by the week-end?"

Sassy - The Good Pet

The first time I saw the little cat at the shelter where I worked, my heart went out to her. She was so scared and shaking. Her beautiful coat was dirty and knotted; her big eyes infected and sore; and her ears were so painful, she could hardly hold them up. I just wanted to take her in my arms and hold her, but she was hissing and growling and just too afraid to trust anyone.

Tigger, the Backyard Cat


Of all the cats I've rescued in my life, Tigger stands out as special. I met him shortly after we moved to the area. I had gotten to know my neighbors that lived behind me, who had two daughters, ages eight and ten. The daughters had an outside-only cat. Their mom and dad seemed to think of animals as disposable objects, especially cats. Of course, their cat was not spayed, so she had kittens. The poor mother cat had no place to have them, so she was literally dropping them as she walked across the back yard.


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