How Will Cat Dandruff Affect Your Cat’s Chances in Winning a Competition?


In an owner's eyes, their cat is the most beautiful creature in the world. Joining cat shows and competitions are their way of saying that they know their cat is the best looking one there is.

Unfortunately, cat shows have other standards than an owner's love. One of the standards that cat shows or cat competitions look for is good grooming and good skin. Obviously, cat dandruff is a not a sign of good skin.

Good and healthy cat skin is neither too dry nor too oily, and is supple. The good health of the cat's skin can also be seen in the hair that the cat has. While conditioning the hair and brushing away the dandruff flakes off from the cat could work when you are showing him off, it will not solve the problem, and there is a chance that you will miss some of the flakes.

Also, over grooming the cat to prepare it for a competition can worsen the situation rather than help it. You need to blow dry it, and comb through it repeatedly and apply solutions that may make matters worse.

When your cat has dandruff, he will also be worrying and scratching at his skin and that could lead to bald spots and open wounds, which are also things that lessen his chances in winning a competition because a good coat is one of the common standards for cat shows.

The scratching can also lead to infections and if the infection is bad enough, the hair will never grow back because the follicles are damaged. That means that the cat will no longer be able to join in any competition for good. It will also mean that he will be quite unhappy and uncomfortable for a long time to come.

The good news is that cat dandruff is a pretty common ailment and is easily treatable, but you may have to miss a few shows. In the long run it could be better for you and your cat to share some quality time together without the stress of getting ready for a cat show.

Aside from the medications that will treat whatever is causing the dandruff, ask your veterinarian for something to get rid of the discomfort. The comfort and health of your cat means more than medals from any competition.

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