Persian Skin Revealed

Persian Skin

The Persian's coat is certainly one of its most exquisite characteristics -- and dare we say, often award-winning. But sometimes there can be surprises lurking beneath all that fine fur. So we invited our members to help us explore this dermatological world and share their personal experiences from the front line (no pun intended) when it comes to maintaining healthy Persian skin. We are happy to share the results of that survey along with many tips and tricks from our members.

Feline Acne

Cat Sneezing


The spontaneous cat sneezing is not strange or abnormal; cats sneeze just like people do as a means of discharging irritants from their sinus airways. If your cat sneezing doesn't end though, it might be an indicator that it's the perfect time to have your cat examined at the veterinary clinic.


Adopting/Rescuing Chia, an Adult Cat

Before my younger brother was born, I had a lovely long-haired grey smoke boy, Smokey. But shortly after my brother's birth, he became sick with congestion and cough. This lasted for almost a year until the doctor asked if we had any animals and then suggested maybe my brother was allergic to Smokey. My mother sent Smokey for a visit with relatives to test the situation, and my brother cleared up completely. Smokey returned; my brother was sick again.

Feline Acne


Feline acne is usually a mild skin condition that is fairly common. The faces of cats are most commonly affected. The acne that affects cats is similar to acne in humans.

Acne in cats may look like blackheads on the cat's chin. If the acne is not clearly visible on the cat's skin, the chin and lips may look like it is dirty. The acne may form crusts.


Feline Acne Overview

Stainless Steel Bowl

What is Feline Acne?
Feline acne is a skin condition not uncommon to Persians. It looks almost like flea dirt on the chin.

You can cleanse the cat's chin a couple of times a week with a benzoyl peroxide shampoo helps. Some vets recommend antibiotics or corticosteroids.

And in case it's an allergy to plastic food bowls, try using ceramic or stainless steel bowls for the food and water.



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