Concerns of the Cat Heart Murmur

Vet Wearing Stethoscope

The vet listens to the heartbeat, heart rhythm and the heart sounds to determine if the heart has any irregularities. If they hear any unusual sounds, they may require more tests, but generally, they give the diagnosis of a heart murmur. The health of the cat determines if any concern for this heart condition exists.

Types of Cat Heart Murmurs


An Owner's Guide to Anemia in Cats

Blood Cells

Anemia in cats is a condition that occurs when there is not enough hemoglobin or red blood cells produced. It is not a disease, but merely a symptom of an underlying condition or disease. So, what exactly causes it?

Many things can cause this condition. The kidneys are responsible for producing hormones that stimulate red blood cell production. So, kidney disease is one of the most common causes. Parasites such as ticks, fleas, and hookworms are another leading cause.


Feline Infectious Peritonitis Overview

What is Feline Infectious Peritonitis, or FIP?
FIP is an autoimmune disease like FELV and FIV, and it is caused by a type of Coronavirus. There is no effective treatment or diagnostic test. FIP may be caused by a mutation of the Feline Enteric Coronavirus (FECV), but no one is sure at this point.

Which cats are at risk?


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