The Challenges of Cat Grooming

Brush Building Blocks

Fortunately, cats are natural groomers. They clean themselves much of their waking hours. They are able to clean themselves by using their tongue and teeth. Long hair cats, however, have more difficulty in keeping themselves free of matted fur.

Grooming your cat may be one of the most difficult activities you ever pursue. The one thing you need to remember is that cats don't like being controlled. They want the control. To groom a cat, you need to try to be in control, so let the challenge begin.

Persian Cats: Grooming Techniques Part 1

Cotton Swabs and Towels

Some type of grooming is essential for the Persian cat. Obviously, a show cat will need more grooming than a pet. If you love the look of a show cat, but do not show, you can still groom to that perfect show look. This is a series of articles that will cover every aspect of typical grooming sessions for a Persian cat, both for show and pet cats.

It is a good idea to have all your grooming supplies in place before you get your Persian kitten. What you will need:

Tips for Bathing Your Persian Cats and Kittens


Have a safe, painless and anxiety-free feline bathing experience with these easy to follow steps.

A Detailed Guide to Grooming Your Cat

To keep your cat happy, healthy and clean it is essential to properly groom your cat. By reading this section you will learn how and when to groom your cat and also what equipment to use. You will learn how to brush your cat, bath your cat, how to clean your cats ears and how to look after your cats teeth.

Brushing and Combing Your Cat

Quick Grooming Tips

  1. Groom your Persian's coat daily or at least every other day. Breeders recommend using a natural bristle brush (soft) and/or a comb. Avoid nylon combs because they generate static electricity. If you discover a knot, simply tease it apart with your fingers then brush/comb it. If you need to cut it out, first slide a comb underneath the knot to separate the knot from the skin. Using round-tipped scissors, cut the hair sitting on top of the comb.


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