Before You Breed a Persian

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Spring is in the air, daylight hours are getting longer, and our girl cats are coming into heat...

"Hmm..maybe just ONE litter of kittens would be fun."
"We should have just ONE litter for the kids."
"I want to breed her so i can have kittens just like her."
"I just want ONE litter to make back the money i spent on buying her."
"Well, she's a purebred, papered Persian - why NOT breed her?"

Kittening - The Joy and Heartbreak of the Persian Breeder


There is nothing quite like the tiny mewing sound of a moments-old Persian kitten when you realize that all the hard work that you and its mother have just spent has paid off! As you dry it off, you eagerly examine the colors, you wonder about its sex, and you can’t help but hope that you are holding your very next grand champion! Is it the best experience in the world? Absolutely! Is it for everyone? I’ll let you decide....


What Are The Stages Of Kitten Development?

Kittens show remarkable growth and development during the first weeks of life. Kittens of all breeds go through basically the same stages of kitten development.

A newborn kitten is tiny and appears helpless. The eyes and ear canals of newborn kittens are closed. Within the first three days, the umbilical cord falls off.


After the Birth: Moving & Weaning

Moving the Kittens

A cat in the wild will move her kittens to keep them away from predators. It is just instinct. All mother cats will move their kittens at least once from their birthing spot due to the smell of the blood.


Birthing Time Tips

  1. The plug can burst prior to one week before the birth of the kittens. (This may cause premature babies but usually not.) You need to watch for this carefully to ensure that you will be around when the cat gives birth.
  2. If one of the kittens is very week, keep it on a heating pad wrapped in towels. Keep massaging the baby as much as possible, stroking it gently.
  3. If it seems like all the kittens have been born, remember there may be one last addition. A cat can give birth for up to 8-hour intervals.



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