10 Steps to Becoming a Respected, Successful Breeder

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So... you have decided you want to become a breeder. Warnings about expenses, hours of grooming and feline care and rumors about heartaches did not kill those dreams about kittens of your own that would make their mark on the world, and you now wonder "how do I even start without making terrible mistakes?". Well, here is a 10-step formula to "making it" - or at least having a go as an ethical respected breeder in the Fancy.

Step 1 - Your goal

Cat Breeder Ethics

Shocked Person

Life is like a box of cat breeders. You never know what you're gonna get.

Girls of the Gang - Females in a Breeding Program

Female Symbol

It is often noted that females in a breeding program can be of slightly lesser quality in regards to standard. Is it really so? If it isn’t, why? And why is it heard so often then?

Kittening - The Joy and Heartbreak of the Persian Breeder


There is nothing quite like the tiny mewing sound of a moments-old Persian kitten when you realize that all the hard work that you and its mother have just spent has paid off! As you dry it off, you eagerly examine the colors, you wonder about its sex, and you can’t help but hope that you are holding your very next grand champion! Is it the best experience in the world? Absolutely! Is it for everyone? I’ll let you decide....


Starting Your Very First Cattery

To Do List

It all began with one cat. Most people who own a cattery started their breeder career because they fell in love with a specific breed. The cattery might have begun as an attempt at having one litter of kittens and then the urge for more started to grow - the fledgling breeder couldn't stop at one.



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