Grooming Your Show Cat

Get Ready to Groom

There are as many techniques to grooming for a show, as there are breeders. Much depends on the age of the cat, the sex, time of year, color, and coat texture. Sometimes, daily brushing can cause more damage to a show coat than good. Check the coat several times daily, just by petting the cat, and if you feel the start of a small snarl, then comb it out using a wide-tooth metal comb. Never use a slicker brush for any type of daily, deep combing.

No More Fleas, Please


Flea eggs can lay dormant on the ground for years, only hatching when the ground vibrates. Other than a quake, the subtle vibration means an animal walking by. Food!

Flea eggs are transparent. Folks can't see them and pick them off. What most folks think are eggs is actually flea feces - which is entirely made of blood. If you wet the little black pellets, they return to their red liquid state.


Adopting/Rescuing Chia, an Adult Cat

Before my younger brother was born, I had a lovely long-haired grey smoke boy, Smokey. But shortly after my brother's birth, he became sick with congestion and cough. This lasted for almost a year until the doctor asked if we had any animals and then suggested maybe my brother was allergic to Smokey. My mother sent Smokey for a visit with relatives to test the situation, and my brother cleared up completely. Smokey returned; my brother was sick again.

Tips for Bathing Your Persian Cats and Kittens


Have a safe, painless and anxiety-free feline bathing experience with these easy to follow steps.

Train Your Cat To Be Groomed

Grooming should be done on a daily basis for proper care of your cat. Brushing, combing, clipping nails, and cleaning ears are all types of grooming that need to be done. By doing basic grooming on a regular basis, it will help prevent scratched furniture and hairballs.

Hairballs can be managed using different products. (Do not confuse this for a substitute for grooming.) Learn more about these products at your favorite pet store or internet site.


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