Pet Loss: Everything You Could Know

In the past, I wrote two articles on pet loss. I hope they could have helped, but upon returning to this site I realized I should write a longer, better article. So here you are now, reading the third and final of my articles on the subject of pet loss. This time, I'll be informing you of everything you could know about this sad subject.



Tigger, the Backyard Cat


Of all the cats I've rescued in my life, Tigger stands out as special. I met him shortly after we moved to the area. I had gotten to know my neighbors that lived behind me, who had two daughters, ages eight and ten. The daughters had an outside-only cat. Their mom and dad seemed to think of animals as disposable objects, especially cats. Of course, their cat was not spayed, so she had kittens. The poor mother cat had no place to have them, so she was literally dropping them as she walked across the back yard.