Reading Cat Body Language

Tail Up

A Persian Cat Case Study

Cats are very communicative with body language and sounds. They are often stereotyped as being distant and uncommunicative because of their solitary nature and independence. I doubt the cats who live in the wild communicate the same as our domesticated cats. It is my opinion; the domesticated cat probably learns how to communicate with body language and sounds from their human companions and other companion animals.


Cat Hyperthyroidism: A Brief Introduction

Increased Heart Rate

As cat owners, there's nothing more distressing than finding out that your feline friend is sick. In the case of a disorder such as feline hyperthyroidism, the consequences can be severe and have the potential to rob your pet of its health, comfort, and even its life. However, when armed with some basic knowledge, you'll be better able to help your cat through its illness and to hopefully catch the problem early on so you can ease your pet's suffering and improve its health with early treatment and intervention.


Feline Acne


Feline acne is usually a mild skin condition that is fairly common. The faces of cats are most commonly affected. The acne that affects cats is similar to acne in humans.

Acne in cats may look like blackheads on the cat's chin. If the acne is not clearly visible on the cat's skin, the chin and lips may look like it is dirty. The acne may form crusts.


Stud Tail

What is Stud Tail?
Stud tail presents itself as a brown, sappy substance at the base of a cat's tail. Sometimes is has a foul odor. It occurs in males (usually due to stress) and is nothing serious. The secretion comes from a gland located at the base of the cat's tail.



March 2001 Newsletter

The contents of this newsletter are inspired by the visitors of PERSIAN-CATS.COM. The following tips and information come primarily from bulletin board postings and particularly useful discussions in the chat room.

This Month's Features: The Scoop on Exotics, A Tale of Stud Tail, and Truth about Bonsai Kittens

The Scoop on Exotics
(This information came from Mary B., Jennifer H., Kim M., & Kim D.)



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