Who Will Take Care of My Pet While I'm on Holiday?

There are many things that have to be taken care of before you can go on a holiday. One important thing to remember is to make sure you find reliable care for your pets. There are several different choices that can be made. You could put your pet in a kennel or cattery. You can have a friend or relative watch your pets. You can hire a professional pet sitter. Another option may even be to take your pet on holiday with you.

Caring For Your Persian Cat in Winter


One of the telltale signs of winter for a Persian cat owner is that their pet's fur starts to thicken a lot more. Regular grooming is of course always vital to keep that long fur looking good and prevent it matting, but, once the weather turns cold, this task becomes even more essential – and you may have to get out the brush and comb several times a day.

Halloween & Harvest Hoopla Contest 2009

Sasha   Dylan
The Picture of Dorian Gray
  1ST RUNNER-UP: Dylan
Admiral Lord, First Earl Claverham


Halloween Costume Contest 2008

Elsa   Tyler, Noah & Romeo
Costume: Sally Bowles from Cabaret
  1ST RUNNER-UP: Tyler, Romeo, Noah


Halloween Costume Contest 2007

Dylan   Tyler, Romeo & Noah
WINNER: Dylan   1ST RUNNER-UP: Tyler, Romeo, Noah



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