What's in Your Persian's Mouth?

Inflamed Gums

Your Persian's mouth can be much like a Petri dish, and as a Persian owner, you'd better be on your guard. Perhaps you've been unpleasantly surprised by a furry friend's pungent yawn blasting you in the face. Or maybe you've peeled back your Persian's lips at some point and discovered puffy, reddened flesh at the gumline.

Cat Urine Removal Made Easy and Efficient


Whether you own Persian cats or marmalade ones, you lavish on them tender loving care. It is essential to take proper care of their litter box. Cats are choosy about their pee spot, and if it is not properly cleaned, they choose to do the job elsewhere. Cat urine has a strong smell and causes a problem. Also, cats are bound to return to the place to make it their new litter place.

DIY Household Preparations

Cat Breeder Ethics

Shocked Person

Life is like a box of cat breeders. You never know what you're gonna get.

Starting Your Very First Cattery

To Do List

It all began with one cat. Most people who own a cattery started their breeder career because they fell in love with a specific breed. The cattery might have begun as an attempt at having one litter of kittens and then the urge for more started to grow - the fledgling breeder couldn't stop at one.


Urinary Tract Infection in Cats

If you think that only human beings can be afflicted with urinary tract infection or UTI, then you just might be surprised to learn that cats do suffer from such an infection as well. In fact, studies show that more cats suffer from UTI than dogs. Thus, it would pay to learn more on the subject if you have a feline under your roof. This way, you can find effective feline UTI remedies early on.



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