The Supreme Cat Show & Its Iconic History

Persian in the UK

The Supreme Cat Show is the world's largest cat show and is comparable to Crufts. It is organised every year by the world's oldest cat registry, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, or GCCF and takes place each November at the National Exhibiting Centre in Birmingham. Special awards of UK Champion and Supreme Champion can be gained at this show only and the cat winning Best In Show has the accolade of becoming the supreme exhibit.

Choosing a Persian

Welcome Mat

Buy vs. Rescue
There are a few things you should decide before you start shopping around. Decide on the colors or patterns that you like most. Also, you need to know ahead of time whether you plan on showing your Persian. If you don't plan on showing, then you probably want a "pet-quality" cat. You should decide whether or not the age and sex of the cat matters, too.

What Judges Look For at a Cat Show

You know that your cat is the handsomest, most graceful feline in the world, with the quirkiest personality. Have you ever considered taking him to a show to let others judge for themselves? Even if your favorite pet has neither pedigree nor registration, he may be eligible for many cat shows. Here are some of the things the judges are looking for at those shows.

The "Sometimes Rocky" Road to Grand Championship

Some of you may remember my story about my very first litter upon my return to the cat fancy - my queen’s water broke 6 days early and I spent the next week anxiously by her side until her delivery - at 5:00 AM on the floor of my cat room on a quilt that we had both been sleeping on. Kira presented me with the kittens by dropping them in my hand and waited patiently until I cleaned and checked each one. The last kit to be born was a tiny dilute calico, who I began to bottle feed to ensure she got enough milk.

Cat Show Hygiene

Cleaning Supplies

Every so often, we like to conduct a survey among users of this site in an effort to capture meaningful information about the Persian breed and showing practices. In this case, the subject of cat show hygiene has always been of great interest, as there is much to be feared when it comes to fungus, parasites, and infections.


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