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Can Bladder Stones Kill Cats - Interesting Facts and Possible Solutions


Whether or not cat bladder stones kill cats is an important question that every cat owner should have the answer to. Can cat bladder stones kill cats? The answer is a resounding yes! Do they always? The answer is resounding no. So if you have a few minutes to dedicate to the riveting attention grabbing topic of can cat bladder stones kill cats why don't we enthusiastically push on.

Cat Urine Removal Made Easy and Efficient


Whether you own Persian cats or marmalade ones, you lavish on them tender loving care. It is essential to take proper care of their litter box. Cats are choosy about their pee spot, and if it is not properly cleaned, they choose to do the job elsewhere. Cat urine has a strong smell and causes a problem. Also, cats are bound to return to the place to make it their new litter place.

DIY Household Preparations

Litter Box Problems

Litter box problems are not unusual for cats. There are many possible reasons. Your cat has decided that the litter box is an unpleasant place to be. The box may not be clean enough, or he/she may have experienced painful urination or defection in the box. Your cat may have been startled by a noise while using the box or perhaps been "ambushed" while in the box by either another cat, a child, a dog, or even by you (if you were attempting to catch him/her for some reason).


Toxiplasmosis can give pregnant moms grief! It is one of the very few diseases that is transmittable between humans and cats. However, the chances of contracting it from your cat are minimal. (People are more likely to get it from foods, such as pork.) Nonetheless, it is good to be aware that cats can carry it. You can have your vet run a check on your cat through a stool sample. (It seems that the highest risk for this parasite is in cat feces older than 24 hours.)


Cats And The Dangers Of Intestinal Parasites

Okay, so here is one of the topics of cat care that no one likes to talk about, but still needs to be covered, internal parasites. There are many different types of internal parasites that could potentially cause medical problems in your cat, some of the more common being hookworms, roundworms, coccidiosis, toxoplasmosis, and tape worms.



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