Before You Breed a Persian

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Spring is in the air, daylight hours are getting longer, and our girl cats are coming into heat...

"Hmm..maybe just ONE litter of kittens would be fun."
"We should have just ONE litter for the kids."
"I want to breed her so i can have kittens just like her."
"I just want ONE litter to make back the money i spent on buying her."
"Well, she's a purebred, papered Persian - why NOT breed her?"

Cat Breeder Ethics

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Life is like a box of cat breeders. You never know what you're gonna get.

Where Can I Find A Purebred Cat?

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For some of us, a common-or-garden Tom cat is not enough. We want quality feline company with a pedigree and the only way to guarantee that a cat is a purebreed is to contact one of the national cat associations or similar organisations in other countries.

Rescue Organizations

Considerations for Joining a Registry

Before you join any club or registry, here are some thoughts to consider:

  1. What will sending your money do for you and your cats?
  2. What can you do for the group?
  3. Are there shows held in your area?
  4. How long has the group been in service?
  5. What is the group's financial situation? Will you receive a quarterly financial report? How many people are overseeing the money and for what is it being used?
  6. Are the records kept in order?


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