Persian Cat Breed Origin

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There's a beautiful legend which tells that the Persian cat was created by a wizard from a sparkle, which jumped out of the fire, the shimmer of two far away stars and a curl of grey smoke. I'd say that this legend rather closely describes appearance and temperament of the Persian cat, but the real history of Persian cat breed is not less interesting or less mysterious.

Persian Cats Realm

Persian Cats

The Persian Cat is one of the oldest breeds of cat. In Britain, it is called the Longhair or Persian Longhair. A Persian without an established and registered pedigree is classed as a domestic longhair cat.

Persian Cat Origin

As their name suggests, Persians originate from Persia, now known as Iran, in the Middle East. The Persian cat is one of the most popular breeds in the world, and one of the oldest.

Persian: Facts Every Owner of This Cat Breed Should Know

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The origins of the Persian cat are murky, at best. Some claim that the Persian is descended from the Sand cat, but this cannot be proven. It is also thought that somehow Angoras were crossbred with Chinese longhairs or Russian Longhairs, but again, this is uncertain. There is also the suggestion that longhairs came to China as a gift from the king of Persian but there is no proof of this. What is known is that Persians were recognized as their own distinct breed by the 19th century and came to America at around the same time.

The Persian Cat

Persian Cats

The Persian is one of the oldest cats in existence, with records of its presence dating back to times of Pharaohs in Egypt. It is generally believed though that the cat originated in Persia, now known as Iran. They were brought over to Europe centuries ago though it was not until the later half of the nineteenth century that their fame truly began to spread. In United Kingdom they are called Persian Longhairs or simply Longhairs. A felid without an established pedigree is referred to simply as Domestic Longhair Cat.