Cat Breeder Ethics

Shocked Person

Life is like a box of cat breeders. You never know what you're gonna get.

Girls of the Gang - Females in a Breeding Program

Female Symbol

It is often noted that females in a breeding program can be of slightly lesser quality in regards to standard. Is it really so? If it isn’t, why? And why is it heard so often then?

Kings of the Hill - Choosing a Breeding Stud

Male Symbol

Choosing a breeding stud for your cattery is never an easy task. Here are a few tips before laying your money on the wrong one.

It is no doubt that in the whole cat fancy, the life of a newbie breeder is the hardest. I feel it is even harder when coming to choose a foundation boy for your breeding program. This is an area where mistakes are made a plenty, so I thought it is best to give a few guidelines to people wanting to start the breeding hobby on the right foot.

Persian Cat: Chocolate & Lilac Color

Chocolate & Lilac

Chocolate or lilac Persians? Can it be possible? I, as an owner, breeding Persians and Exotics, pose myself such a problem quite recently. Of course they exist, if to see from genetic point of view. These colors are included into standard, there is their description, but where are they? By all accounts from abroad, they have such animals but for some reason they are more often met in pedigrees of British cats as experimental partners for leading new color into the breed, but not like exhibition stars.

The Importance of a Pedigree


I personally think that pedigrees, and what they consist of, are extremely important for every breeding program, whether of show Persians, Doll-Persians, Maine Coons, Birmans or any other breed. The research and proper use of pedigrees as a breeding tool are the essance of ethical breeding. Quality of lines and their reputation are things to be carefully considered in a breeding program and should not be taken lightly.


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