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Persian owners spend so much time caring for their kitties on the outside -- combing, bathing, and fluffing. It's easy to sometimes forget that the inside might need extra attention as well. A Persian's gastrointestinal health can become thrown out of balance from a myriad of outside factors, such as stress, allergies, diet, or parasites just to name a few. A high-quality probiotic can be effective in restoring the balance of microflora in the digestive tract.

Do any of the following apply to your Persian?

Wysong and Other Cat Foods

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Wysong is a company that makes several cat food products:

  • Dry food
  • Freeze-dried raw, which is a complete diet and can be fed dry or rehydrated. A lot of people use this as a stepping stone into a fresh raw diet.
  • Canned foods, in both complete diets and pure canned meats in a wide variety (I.e., beef, chicken, duck, venison, rabbit, etc.)


Vitamin Deficiencies


I had fears about bacteria and parasites, and they inhibited me from trying to feed fresh raw meat for a long time. Then I began to actually believe that unheat-processed, properly balanced raw food for cats is really the food their bodies are made for and meant to eat.


Pork Warning


From what my research has shown,Trichinosis1 is found in pork; therefore, pork is to be AVOIDED when feeding raw. Highly avoided! I would never give raw pork to my girls. In fact, when we do have pork at our house, I cook the pork chops so done, they are almost burned!!!


Livers & Bones


Liver Lovers
When possible, I try to use the same species. If I am mixing a chicken batch, I use chicken livers. With duck, I use the duck livers.

I do avoid feeding beef liver to my group at all, since most of them cannot handle it and will vomit shortly after eating it. Also, if I put too much of ANY liver in, I get sick kitties. So for me, it's quite a balancing act!

Since I feed mostly chicken, and chicken livers are easily found by me, that's what I usually use.



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