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Royal Canin diets provide precise nutritional solutions to your pet's needs. Each of the Royal Canin Dog Food and Royal Canin Cat Food products are based on their extensive knowledge of cats and dogs, gained through years of studies at their our own centre, partnerships with leading veterinary schools and universities, and continued input from veterinarians and breeders worldwide. At Royal Canin UK all our food is made to the strictest quality requirements to ensure absolute safety. One food doesn't suit all.


The Pros and Cons of Owning a Persian Cat

Pros & Cons

Persian cats have always been a favorite breed with cat owners.

They make wonderful pets and have their good points and bad points.

On the Pro list, they are very beautiful to look at and generally have a sweet disposition, a quiet manner and regal character. They usually tolerate everything and walk off if bothered.

They are very gentle, by nature. Another Pro is the variety of colors they come in.

You have silver, white, black, red, multicolored and golden shades, just to name a few.

Is a Persian Right for You?


Persian Qualities
There are many different breeds out there all with different personalities. And it's important that the personality of the cat complements that of the owner. Persians tend to be serene and laid-back. They are definitely beautiful cats, but their coats require a good bit of maintenance. Persians are commonly described as being quiet, dignified, and not too vocal. If these traits sound good, then a Persian is the cat for you.

Grooming Reality Check

Treating a Cat's Respiratory Infection


Cats, like humans, can come down with the common cold. However, a minor cold can turn into an upper respiratory infection and if not treated, can result in hospitalization or more chronic cat health problems such as gingivitis, conjunctivitis or chronic breathing difficulties. Knowing what the symptoms are and how to treat a respiratory infection are crucial for effective cat health care.


November 2001 Newsletter

The contents of this newsletter are inspired by the visitors of PERSIAN-CATS.COM. The following tips and information come primarily from bulletin board postings and particularly useful discussions in the chat room.

This Month's Features: The Story of the Peek-a-Boo Gang, How to Take the "Fur" Out of Furniture, and Quick Thanksgiving Warning

A Quick Thanksgiving Warning

If you feed your kitty turkey at Thanksgiving, please beware of: